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Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Elegant and minimalist, our stainless steel wall mounted soap dispensers declutter your worktops and cohesively work with your space's style. Functional, adjustable, and durable.

If you are looking for a robust, refillable dispenser, look no further.

Wall Mounted Dispensers for Luxury Bathrooms

Enhance the luxurious and modern feel of your bathroom with our exquisitely designed wall-mounted soap dispensers. Elevate your hand-washing experience to a spa-like level every time you use them.

Our wall-mounted soap dispensers have received rave reviews from our satisfied customers. They love how these soap dispensers declutter their countertop space, making their bathroom look more organized and sophisticated. Say goodbye to messy soap scum and hello to a clutter-free bathroom.

Make your bathtime routine more indulgent and luxurious by placing our soap dispensers near your bath or use them for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in your shower for a spa-like experience at home. Our soap dispensers are versatile and perfect for any bathroom.

Advantages of our wall mounted soap dispensers

Our dispensers are constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel and are 2mm thick. This ensures that they are long-lasting and sturdy and that they won't rust in damp conditions.

Benefits of installing our soap dispensers

  • The glass pump bottle unscrews for easy refilling to help you reduce costs and plastic packaging waste.
  • It securely holds the dispenser.
  • It contains all the fixtures and fitting to fit them to your wall.
  • The holder is fully adjustable, so you can fit any size bottle if required.
  • A 2-year warranty.
Gold Single Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

How to install the soap dispensers to our wall mount

Each wall mount dispenser includes an extra-long Allen key for unscrewing the security bolts and adjusting the height of the mount. Dispensers can be readily installed or removed once they have been lowered. The screws can be tightened to secure the dispenser, preventing it from being removed.

How to fix our Wall mount Soap holders to the wall

Using the included kit, our soap dispensers may be firmly fixed to any service. Each package includes the raw plugs and screws needed to install them on a normal wall or tile. We also provide sticky pads to assist you attach the wall-mounted dispenser to the wall.

Can you mount the hand soap dispenser to plasterboard or wood?

When it comes to mounting the soap dispenser to wood, there are no special requirements. We recommend drilling pilot holes to prevent splitting the wood. When fitting our holders commercially, we recommend speaking with someone with experience. Some surfaces, such as plasterboard, may necessitate the use of specialised raw plugs.

Can you mount the soap dispenser wall mount without using screws?

Yes, our holders can be installed without the use of screws by utilising adhesives available at most hardware stores. When installing our wall-mounted soap dispensers, always consult a professional. We do not provide adhesives in our kits due to the variety of surfaces.

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